At Internova, our experience in the field of building and designing kitchens, joinery and cabinetmaking dates back to 1983. Our experience has meant we understand the needs and requirements of Australian households. Many other manufacturers of kitchens employ methods used in Europe or the USA that often are not suitable for Australian conditions. Our goal is not to produce 10 to 50 kitchens a day as other companies do, but focus on a small number of projects to ensure high quality with precision joints and trusted joinery.

Kitchens are often the most expensive part of your home and the area you spend a great deal of time in. When purchasing a new kitchen your designer should have two main objectives; kitchen appearance and practicality, and in some cases this is difficult to achieve. Our knowledge and experience is your guarantee that we can assist with achieving this balance.

We understand that no single solution will meet every clients needs. We can design and build kitchens that suit our clients’ taste, budget and lifestyle.